Transporatation Policies

Bright Beginnings for Kids Inc. will assume responsibility of a child from the time the child’s parent/guardian leaves the centre until the time the child’s parent/guardian walks back into the centre/play yard.

Bright Beginnings for Kids Inc. will not assume responsibility for a child NOT accompanied by a parent/guardian upon arrival at the centre.

The children may go for walks in the local community. These excursions are considered part of the daily program and will not include motor transportation.

An authorization form, in the registration package, acknowledges parental permission for a child to leave the premises for neighbourhood walks and visits.

During all trips and walks, individual ratios of each program will be maintained for all children. On a fieldtrip where transportation is required, parents will be notified in advance as to the details of the field trip excursion and written parental authorization forms must be signed for your child(ren) to participate. Parents are encouraged to accompany their child(ren) on field trips.

The Centre will use Winnipeg Transit or “School Bus” Transportation Company for field trips. A separate permission form will be provided for all field trips.

The childcare centre follows Manitoba’s Highway Traffic Act and Manitoba Public Insurance Vehicle Standards when transporting children for the purposes of field trips and special outings.

Parent/guardian signatures are required for all field trips or special outings where vehicle transportation is required.

It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to provide an unexpired, age and size appropriate car seat/booster seat for their child.

The driver of any vehicle used in transporting centre children or staff for the purpose of field trips or special outings will be required to have a valid and appropriate driver’s license. (i.e.: a Class 2 (bus driver) license when transporting eleven or more individuals in a passenger van.

Fieldtrips & Local Outings

Bright Beginnings for Kids tries to expose children to experiences outside of the Centres on occasion. We do our best to choose trips that cost little or nothing to parents/guardians however, on occasion the Centre may ask parents/guardians to provide monetary donations to offset the costs. Field trip notices are posted two weeks in advance and a reminder notification will be sent to parents/guardians the day before.

Parents/guardians are responsible to have their children at the Centre by the posted times. On the day of the field trip, we will post a sign ton the door indicating that we are out of the Centre and the anticipated time we will return.

Occasionally the staff will take the children on a neighborhood walk, to the local park or school yard. Permission from parents for these local walks will be “assumed”. If you do not want your child to participate in any local, community walks, you must notify the centre at the time of registration or in writing, any time thereafter.

If the parent/guardian does not provide permission for their child to attend the field trip, they may be able to stay at the centre in another room. If this is not possible, parents will need to make alternate childcare arrangements.

Parents/guardians will be expected to pay for the missed day.

School Bus Transportation

Families with children attending kindergarten, must make school bus transportation arrangements with the school.
Once arrangements have been confirmed, you must provide the Centre with the times of bus pick-up and drop-off.
Occasionally, we may rent a school bus for field trip transportation. Parent’s will be notified of the type of
transportation we will use on specific fieldtrips.

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