Inclusion Policy

Bright Beginnings for Kids Inc. welcomes children with all abilities. We arrange our outdoor and indoor learning areas so that all children can move about freely and have accessibility to the various toys and materials. All children are represented in our program through various mediums such as posters, pictures, books, dolls and toys. Our facility is wheelchair accessible. Adjustments are made to routines and transitions to make learning experiences positive for all children.

Our Inclusion Facilitator oversees support programming for children with additional support needs. He/she attends Individual Program Plan meetings with the parents and other professionals (teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Behavioural Therapists, Child Development Counselors and other professionals) to discuss the individual needs of the child and to collaboratively determine developmentally appropriate goals. The goals for children with additional support needs are conducted during play experiences with peers. Opportunities are provided for children to play together so they develop relationships with others. We offer both sensory and developmentally specific toys to meet the needs of all children in the program.

Parents/guardians are expected to disclose any developmental concerns or special needs their child may have as well as any special requirements that are needed for their child to function outside of home, having this information in advance of the child’s start date, will allow our Centre to arrange for necessary services and create a support system for your child so their experience at the Centre is a positive one.

Successful implementation of our Inclusion Policy is dependent upon the following factors but not limited to:

  • Availability of adequate financial and environmental support from MELCC
  • Availability of qualified inclusion staff
  • Number of children with additional support needs currently enrolled in the program

Please note: Failure to disclose your child’s additional support needs may result in suspension or expulsion from the
centre until the above criteria is met for successful implementation of our Inclusion Program.

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