Outdoor Play Policy

The centre believes in the value of playing outdoors. Staff strive to go outdoors daily for children to explore the world around them – rain or shine, snow or mud! It is okay to get dirty! Research has shown that children who challenge themselves to dig, jump, stomp and splash not only thrive in problem solving skills, communication skills and self-esteem, but also in literacy skills.

Research tells us that outdoor play is associated with:

  • reducing stress
  • promoting physical development such as muscle and bone strength
  • fostering large motor coordination (running and jumping)
  • strengthening the immune system
  • promoting social interaction

Children love to explore. Fostering exploration in the great outdoors expands creativity, elicits discovery and promotes firsthand problem solving. Yes! Puddle jumping is important to child development!

Due to the benefits of the great outdoors, the childcare centre strives to provide children with opportunities to interact with nature – especially during amazing teachable moments such as seasonal changes. Please support your child as they view and discover the world through their eyes and at their direction.

Under childcare regulations, the centre is required to take the children outside everyday unless adverse weather exists. Staff will use their discretion when deciding if the weather is suitable for going outside. The centre will keep the children inside if temperatures with the wind-chill fall below -25 degrees Celsius.

Please note that outdoor play is a large component of the day. Therefore, if your child is too ill to participate in outdoor time, then your child is too ill to attend childcare.

NOTE: Children sent inappropriately dressed for the season will be unable to partake in outdoor activities, and parents/guardians will be called to bring appropriate clothing or asked to pick their child up from care.
Children will not be permitted to use the climbing structures unless they are wearing appropriate footwear.

Sun Safety

We play outside every day, weather permitting in the summertime. We limit outdoor play time during the hottest times of the day (11:00am – 4:00pm). Our staff ensures that drinking water is readily available to children before, during and after outdoor play; sunscreen is applied; children wear sun hats and children play in the shaded areas.
*Parents are responsible for providing sunscreen and sun hat.

Cold Weather Safety

We play outside every day, weather permitting in the autumn and winter. We will remain indoors when temperatures reach -25C, or windchill -30C.

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